CHARMANTE – is a European company with an extensive wholesale and retail chain. CHARMANTE Company has more than 10 years experience in beachwear, hosiery and underwear manufacturing. Having achieved success in the Russian market, Charmante Company decided to move on and conquer new heights. With a result of successful promotion by an international management team CHARMANTE had an opportunity to launched new show-rooms in Italy, Poland.


HIGH QUALITY SERVICE – is provide to our customers anytime and anywhere service.

COMPANY RESPONSIBILITIES — is providing to our customers partner’s reliability and quality maintaining of all obligations.

EFFICIENCY — we achieved the best results in everything we do.

TEAM SPIRIT — is the main principle which determines the success of the Company. Each employee is a part of the huge team and is responsible for its outcome.

PROFESSIONALISM - Charmante Company has the best team of specialists – designers, managers, engineers and interpreters.

LEADERSHIP - we confidently operate in a competitive market due to the rapid development and unique technology.

PERFECTION - of processes and product quality, development and training professional team coaches.

INDIVIDUAL APPROACH - to each customer, to each partner, to all employees and to all competitors which is a key for successful team operating.


CHARMANTE Company offers to its partner’s optimal conditions for cooperation:

  • HIGH-QUALITY RANGE OF ASSORTMENT – frequently updated range of the best products, the best deal in product quality-price ratio.
  • RODUCT ASSURANCE – own production and strict quality control of products.
  • FLEXIBLE DISCOUNT SYSTEM, which provides the opportunity to deal in a competitive market.
  • ONLINE CATALOGUE DIRECTORY, which provides 24 hours orders.
  • ADVERTISING SUPPORT – Charmante company offers to its customer’s all advertising materials.
  • INDIVIDUAL APPROACH TO EACH CUSTOMER – ability to choose products with seasonality and market conditions.
  • PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT TEAM, which is always aware of the latest trends.


CHARMANTE Company pays a lot of attention and a special care for children. One of the main company priorities is to cooperate with charities and different social institutions. One of the last major events, held with the support of CHARMANTE, was a music festival "The heart penetration", organized by Dmitry Malikov in the Scientific and Practical Center "Solntsevo."


CHARMANTE team was awarded with diplomas and letters by the organizers of the Russian and European profile exhibitions - Textillegprom (Moscow, Russia), Interfiliere (Paris, France), MTC World of Fashion GmbH (Munich, Germany), Mare d'Amare (Florence, Italy), Moda Lingerie & Swimwear (Birmingham, England). In 2012 the company added one more award into their collection ‘Fashion Summer Awards 2012’ according to a television channel Fashion TV.